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One of my favorite things about living near Seattle is the opportunity to try new restaurants,  café and pubs. It’s not just coffee that Seattle should be famous for, but its variety of flavorful foods to try. Seattle is definitely a foodie town.

Mystic Kombucha, Tumeric Lemon Ginger Hot Tea, Coffees

Queen Anne is an area of Seattle I hadn’t ventured to very much until recently, but it is bursting with fantastic eats. Last week I met up with our son Josh, my mom and my friend Cindy to Bounty Kitchen for brunch.

Brunch, I’ve decided, is my most favorite meal. Everyone can decide if they are feeling more breakfasty or need a lunch munch. The menu at Bounty Kitchen is full to bursting with innovate takes on salads, bowls and plates. It is not-your-ordinary down home restaurant. Everything is fresh and the combinations are unique. For this self-described texture eater, Bounty Kitchen rings all the bells and hits all the notes with percision.

Gluten-Free Scones Fresh Made!

We produce all of our food in house using organic produce and ingredients with the highest quality standards. We specialize in imaginative salads and healthy bowls with layers of texture from old fashioned cooking techniques like pickling, fermenting, roasting and grilling as well as raw and flavors borrowed from ancient cultures and modern blends! We love veggies and delight in elevating them in sense and taste.

As a foodie, the food is the cookie, but the atmoshpere is the frosting. Warm and inviting, with load of windows make their Queen Anne cafe the perfect spot for photos. I loved the community feel with a long farmhouse table for big groups or even those that just don’t mind sharing and getting to know your neighbor. With four in our party we opted for a couple of two person tables.

Tumeric Lemon Ginger Tea by Rishi Organic Teas

As you enter, grab a menu and peruse it while in line. Since mom was with us, we grabbed the menus, sat a table and figured out our order and then one of us waited in line. We were given our tent table and our drinks arrived shortly. Service was fast and the food piping hot when it arrived.

I thought this way of serving was unique. You have waitstaff, but you order by the door. Your drinks and food are brought to you just like a standard restaurant. Drinks, then food.

My senses were suddenly alive as I noted what other people were having. I even stopped on the way out to ask about a drink that looked amazing, so that I could try it on my next visit. I was told it was the Retox Detox (“Pure gold” juice, vodka, prosecco). Yes, please!

And isn’t that the key to a great place? Great food, fab atmosphere, lots of talking and laughter and the wish to come back again.

Pictured above……

Avocado Toast Smashed California avocado, Stiebr’s Organic poached egg,
fancy olive oil drizzle, sea salt, pepper, paprika,
Sea Wolf Bakers Pullman rye

Flagship Kale Salad
Kale mix, spinach, baby kale, parmesan croutons,
Beecher’s Flagship cheese crumbles, parmesan garlic
dressing + Mary’s Organic Chicken

The Hunter’s Scramble
served with Sea Wolf Sourdough Toast
Olympia Provisions “Sweetheart” ham, Beecher’s “Flagship” cheddar
cheese, scallions, scrambled eggs

So next time you are in Seattle, don’t forget to stop in at Bounty Kitchen in Queen Anne! Happy foodie feels for sure! Afterwards, walk around the area and tell me if you find these wonderful tiles…then I will know you are there!

A special thanks to Evening Magazine for showcasing Bounty Kitchen and to my bff Cindy (@woodlandfeary) for watching and then suggesting we check them out.

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