How I became an Empowerment Life Coach

How did my life coach journey begin? This is me and my soul mate.  He is my rock.  We’ve been married 38 years and we’ve weathered it all, especially life with twin boys.  My name is Kathy Rodriguez, I received by BS Degree in Biology from the University of California Irvine.  I worked for a CRO in the pharmaceutical industry and specialized in epilepsy.  I have traveled to all but four states for work and then to England, twice, for fun.

Then I became a mom of twins.

We have lived in California, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Iowa and now make our home North of Seattle in Arlington, Washington. I happily chose to stay at home. This is my story.  This is my life. Food, family and fitness.

And then COVID-19 hit.

During COVID-19, I found the small family-owned business that I worked at closed, temporarily. The Fitness Director and I quickly pivoted and started posting Facebook LIVE fitness events. She and other instructors in front of the camera and myself behind the screen.

I didn’t stay idle. I joined a Women’s Mastermind Life Coaching Group, I completed my Yoga certification and I completed my HIIT & Flow certification. In addition, I continued to grow and learn.

As the world began to open up, so did I. I started teaching yoga and HIIT & Flow, I continued with my own life coach. I started to realize that I had so much to give that I started planning retreats, Women-Only Retreats. From this grew a series of retreats and a shift in not only my mindset, but that of the women around me.

It’s two years later and I have completed five specialty Retreats and completed my Soul Purpose Coaching Certification program through the Dharma Coaching Institute. I am living the life I am meant to be living, helping to empower the women around me to lead their best lives as well. Are you ready to do the same?? Email me and let’s set up a Discovery Call at

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