Is It Time For a Social Network Reset?


The next time you find yourself MINDLESSLY scrolling through any of your social media channels, choose to MINDFULLY review the people you choose to surround yourself with and like the Knight Templar in the Indiana Jones movie, CHOOSE WISELY 🤔

This also includes all the millions of emails you get a day!

Questions to Ask Yourself During a Social Network Reset

  • ❓ Is this person good for me?
  • ❓ Does he/she/they bring me joy and make me feel uplifted?
  • ❓ Is this someone who supports, inspires and empowers me?
  • ❓ Do they bring a different perspective and open up my mind?
  • ❓ If it’s an email, do you really need to get so many?
  • ❓ If it’s a brand or person on social media, ask why did I follow them in the first place?

This applies to accounts you’ve followed for various reasons as well. Perhaps someone was having a giveaway you wanted to win or it’s a friend of a friend of a friend that you were told, “OMG! You have to follow them!” Maybe you’ve followed them, and they’ve changed or gone a direction that just isn’t the real YOU. If they aren’t the right fit, then perhaps it’s time to move on and move forward.

I’m not saying that you dump all your family, friends and acquaintances! Just that you look a little deeper, with mindfulness, and decide which category they fit in and how much energy you are willing to expend to keep them close and affecting your day-to-day.

What can you do if you aren’t ready to let them go yet?

Do you need to distance yourself from that family member or friend that is a drain on your energy?

Most social media networks provide a “Mute” option. This allows YOU to only see their posts etc., if YOU choose to. It’s not the same as Block/Unfollow/Restrict and only YOU know you want to see less of them. If, after a couple of weeks, you aren’t missing them….it’s time to move forward and let them go. And that’s OKAY! People and companies come into our lives for a reason, sometimes it’s lasting and sometimes it’s fleeting.

Is it time to let go of that toxic relationship?

We’ve all had those family members and friendships that have overstayed their welcome in our lives. It’s toxic and leaves you falling back on old patterns and self-doubt. It’s a drain getting a call, text or email and the conversation isn’t a conversation, it’s a blame game, a litany of criticisms and negativity.

Do you need to set new boundaries?

It’s YOUR life, it’s YOUR decision with whom you share it with. YOU have the power to make the change and do something about who and what feeds your SOUL. This is why I try to do a Social Network Reset at least once a quarter. Setting boundaries is also a great place to start as well! That’s why I covered it in my eBook, A Guide to Learning to Love Yourself!

Are you ready to have a conversation about this and more? Do you need help figuring out exactly what being in alignment means? Are you ready to make changes for YOU? When you are, I’m here to support you 🤗 send me an email at and we can set up a time to chat during a complimentary Discovery Call.

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