Survive Stay-at-Home by Challenging Yourself

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We are a month into the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home and I wanted to check in with everybody and see how they’re doing? What are you doing to help everyone in your household deal with the stress of being out of sorts from our routines? I’m sharing all my favorite ways to survive stay-at-home by challenging yourself!

Scroll through my Top 5 ways to challenge yourself and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a new way to help you with your stress. We don’t end up like my shirt says, “Good Moms Say Bad Words.” Kids, spouses and even your own inner dialog, pick up on the tone of your voice, the words you’re saying, those self-depreciating comments and those little nagging jabs. We all pick up on all those aside comments you make, even your kids.

How do we fix this? It’s not always easy, but how many of us have things we are dealing with as adults because of something the people around us said to the world in general or to us as a child or teenager? Click on all the links, save a few ideas and try something new!

Self Care Now!

Since we are all stuck at home, remember to take time-outs. I don’t just mean the kids, but the hubby and yourself as well. If you start to see the negativity coming through, take a break.

Me? I’m all about fitness GOALS I’ve been jumping on all the fitness challenges and they’ve given me a sense of routine amongst the chaos. I’ve also set a new longer term goal to help me keep looking to the future. Hello, stairs. I’m hoping I survive stay-at-home by challenging myself to these babies!

My Favorite Fitness Challenges

@myopenfit Each Monday a new 7-Day Fit Week Challenge starts. You can get a FREE trial and try it by popping into the link in their bio. There are also 9 different fitness categories, so you can always challenge yourself to try something new. I just did my first Live Trainer Barre Class on Saturday and I was a sweaty mess after!

@fitapproach 21-day HIIT & Flow Challenge starts today! Join me! 21-days with a different movement challenge of the day. You know it takes that long for a habit to form and this is one I am all for!

Challenge yourself to try something new…in your fitness routine!

@flexandflow Has IG Live and YouTube classes. Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa, and Kid Yoga!

@azulsupyoga Has Facebook and IG Live classes! My bff Georgina is amazing! Yoga, Yoga Wheel, Barre, Boxing and so much more!

@clubstilly The gym where I work as the Aquatics Director is also Live Streaming and posting videos with workout cards – for FREE! Hop onto our Facebook Page to check out all the classes we have posted since the first day, March 17!

Most of these small studios are doing classes for free, but donations are accepted and much needed! Donate donate donate if you can! If you can’t right now, consider thanking them after you are back at work and can make a donation to thank them for helping you get through this difficult time!

Self Care Isn't Selfish sign to help you Survive Stay-at-Home by Challenging Yourself

Self Care Challenge

Self-care is huge right now and no one does it better than my friend, Kusum @sveeteskapes, in gathering together fantastic ideas and links on her blog Sveeteskapes. My new favorite is 11 Ways to Practice Self-Care for the Mind, Body & Soul.”

Make self-care a priority and challenge yourself take time each day for a little TLC.

If mindfulness, inspiration and motivational talks are what you need, I am loving yogi, Kevin Ng! His Mindfulness Monday and Wind Down Wednesday Meditation on @kevinngyoga are the bomb! He just seems to speak exactly what I need to hear.

Need a little more? Or a new Podcast? Check out Kusum’s post, “Best Binge-Worthy Podcasts.” My favorite on her list? @jayshetty, of course!

Food Photo with lots of veggie to Survive Stay-at-Home by Challenging Yourself

Heathly Eating Challenges

Want to change up how you are eating after a month of Stay-at-Home overindulgence? If you are looking for another way to survive stay-at-home by challenging yourself to a new healthy eating habit, check out these ideas:

@thecleaneatingcouple has, “7-day No Sugar Challenge” on their website. Not ready to go No Sugar? How about being aware and learning the 56 different names for sugar and decreasing it a little? Now, challenge yourself to get rid of 5 of them from your diet, or more!

How about challenging yourself to a recipe challenge? For this foodie, that means finding recipes I’ve always wanted to try making and just haven’t done yet. Check out my Meal Prep Mixed Berry Smoothies!

Make recipe challenges specific to you. It can be a week of healthy/clean eating, meal prep ideas, vegan recipes, or mindful eating. I’ve saved a ton of great links on @pinterest to get you there!

Shop online to Survive Stay-at-Home by Challenging Yourself

Shop Local, Shop Small Challenge

Our small businesses are being impacted more than you may realize and they need our help. Challenge yourself, if you can, to make a purchase, no matter how small, to the businesses you love.

Not able to make a financial donation or purchase? That’s ok, take the time to share the love. Like and Follow a business. Share why you love them on your Facebook and Instagram to let others in on those best kept secret small businesses.

Jen @hellorigby has gone the extra mile and highlighted local cities around her and their businesses and how to help each one she highlights. Head over to her Highlights, pick a city and help as best you can. I’m excited to head to Kirkland after all the Stay-at-Home orders are lifted after reading her blog, “Things to Do in Kirkland, WA.”

You can also do the same and create your own highlight called Small Businesses and share YOUR favorites! I did! That’s where you’ll find links to @BoHoChicBoutique where I found the great shirt, “Good Mom’s Day Bad Words,” and @MountainSolShop wear I just picked up the cutest sweater! Both are small boutiques that offer delivery to your door if you are local or shipping if you are not.

Declutter Challenge

Because of COVID-19, most of us have already tackled cleaning our house or apartment. Have you finished all those hated tasks as well? Cleaning baseboards? Taking down and washing the drapes? Cleaning all the windows, inside and out? Not yet? Ok, maybe that’s just me 😂

Maybe it’s time to challenge yourself, your spouse/partner or your kids to tackle decluttering a room a day! I love clearing it all out, making piles of toss, sell, donate, and share!

A room too much? Go through the closests one day, drawers the next, etc. until the room is done then tackle the next one! It’s amazing what we collect. 😜

My favorite thing to clean? I love doing a Closet Cleanse during a Zoom with my peeps! We each pop into our closets, put something on and then do the “well?!?!” Everyone gets an opinion and then it’s their turn to do the same thing! Maybe you aren’t loving that top anymore, but a friend always loved it…gift it to her! Now you have more in your toss and donate pile and you had fun at the same time!

Need help with a Closet Cleanse? I learned from the best when I had Tannya of My Closet Edit come over and help me. If you didn’t read my post, An Hour Well Spent, you should!

Coming Soon….

I can’t wait to share my pet project this Corona-tine! We took the boys man-cave and are slowly transforming it to a workout room! It all started with a declutter and reorganization! I’m soooooo excited! DIY post coming when it’s all done!

What are your goals for the week Peeps? Are you going to survive stay-at-home by challenging yourself?

Survive Stay-at-home by Challenging Yourself


  1. So many great suggestions! And thank you so much for including my virtual tours. in your round up. It’s been so fun highlighting local Seattle businesses! 🙂

    1. It’s such a great idea, I just had to share!

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