An Hour Well Spent (My Personal Shopper Experience)

The Next Step

I hope you have enjoyed watching my journey on Finding My New Look. It all started with my visit to Divalani Style boutique in Bellevue, WA for an event by my friend and fellow blogger, Portia Smith of Obsessed by Portia.  Skip back a few posts to read all about it.

I met personal shopper and stylist, Tannya Bernadette, at Divalani and instantly meshed with her vibrant energetic personality. I loved that she shared her thoughts openly and honestly. No pushy salesperson. No overused phrases and fake smiles.

My Closet Cleanse. Tannya visited my home and helped me go through all the things in my closet and drawers not related to athletic wear or unmentionables.  Scroll back and read all about it in my previous post.  If you are ready take the next step in your own journey, contact Tannya.

The Pile

Shopping for the New Me.  I will start by mentioning that I do enjoy shopping.  I enjoy shopping with others. I love leisure shopping and finding new pieces to add to my closet. For the last 20 years as a mostly stay-at-home mom, that shopping has been for a casual look.  I like my casual clothes.  It is time to shop for the new me, to step it up and take it to a different level.

I do not have a large and unlimited budget. I can’t and shouldn’t break the bank. I need to shop wisely.  I also did not want to try to be 20 or even 30 again.

Ladies, you totally know what I mean.  Admit it.  I’m looking for a professional dressy casual look that will take me to many different types of events.  I want to embrace the Seattle style vibe for me, Kathy.  I do not want to look like I am trying to “look young again” and I do not want to look like a grandma!

How did I do that? I spent my money the smart way and hired someone who knows how to shop, where to shop, and also knows me, my closet, my goals and purpose. Yep, I hired Tannya Berndette!

This Girl is on Fire!  If you have never hired a personal shopper and had this experience I cannot recommend it enough. Keep reading folks, if you are local there is an offer code mentioned later.  Tannya is a whirlwind. She can browse through the racks of a large store faster than I can get through just one section.  Since Tannya and I had already met and discussed where my concerns were, she had a plan already in place when we met for our 1 hour session. 1 hour!  She was so fast I forgot to capture her in action.  Luckily, she sent me this photo to share.

Tannya Working with a Client

TJMaxx.  We started my 1 hour at TJMaxx near Northgate Mall. Tannya scanned the racks for things for me to try on, each store has a purpose as did each item she chose.  We headed to the dressing room with 12 items for me to try on. It’s like speed dating, but with clothing.  Luckily I had prepared with easy on-easy off clothing and shoes. Off came one top on came another, add a cardigan, take that off, throw on a jacket, take it off, here’s another blouse. Yes pile. No pile. Done.

I learned that when we finish with a store, I take the “Yes” pile and have the store put those items on hold. Tannya in the meantime has headed off to the next store on her list and is gathering things for me.  This is an added plus I had no clue about! So on-hold my items went and I jumped in my car, drove to the mall 2 miles away, parked the car and navigated through the mall to meet Tannya.

Macy’s. When I reached Macy’s I  met Tannya near a dressing room in the I.N.C. International Clothing department.  I.N.C., she tells me, is a great clothing line for me to make one of my go-to-first designers.  I.N.C. designs nice clean lines and looks that will fit my body type.  We also focused on Anne Klein.  10 items, including dresses, came on and off. See ya Tannya.  Hold for me Macy’s. Next store here I come!

Anne Klein Faux-Wrap Dress

Ann Taylor Loft. Yes! I love this store. When I was out there before boys, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft were my go-to stores. I was so happy to find I must have been doing something right when Tannya picked one of them for this trip. Same as before, 10 items later I dropped off the “Yes” picks and we had enough time to get in a short visit to one more store.

We power walked and talked. I learned more about where and how to shop.  We talked about the latest trends out there and what I could and could not get away with.  I asked all the questions I had at that point and Tannya shared with me that she will be discussing “How to Wear Florals” and “How to Wear Scarves” in her upcoming You Tube fashion videos.  I can’t wait!  Those were two areas I had a lot of questions about.

Ann Taylor Loft Stained Glass Pencil Skirt in Blue

DSW. Many of you may not know this, but I love shoes. I have shoes in all varieties. I am a Converse addict. I am lacking in the in-between shoe that is not a flat or a boot. I tried on six pairs of shoes and came home with two.  I think that is only because I was limited to 10 minutes in the store!  DSW is dangerous.  In a good way.

Unisa Gaila Sandal in Tan

Are you tired yet? 

We were done shopping.  Tannya and I chatted a little, did a short video and hugged.  I thanked her profusely for an awesome experience and paid her.  I felt like I had just been in a “What Not To Wear” episode.  It was great! Then she left.

Rationalize and purchase.  Earlier I mentioned that at each store the “yes” items were placed on-hold for me.  Since I live 45 minutes north of where we met, I knew I would not be able to come back in the next week, between work and other obligations.  At each store I had asked that they just hold my items for a couple of hours.

Placing all of my items on hold allowed me to really rationalize each piece based on my budget and purchase the ones I knew I really needed. Tannya wasn’t with me now.  I did not have the stress of feeling obligated to buy all the pieces she and I both liked and said yes to. Having that control all by myself was a huge factor in deciding to use a personal shopper and why I specifically said yes to Tannya Bernadette.  I went back to each store, reviewed each piece and purchased the ones I knew I needed.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

In the end.  Having Tannya with me through this whole new experience was a blessing I did not know I was missing.  She did not start out as a friend, but quickly became one. I love all my friends fiercely, but I know she will never steer me wrong. I know she will be open and honest with me on style and fashion choices. While I don’t worry about clothing choices when it comes to my athletic wear or casual clothes, I know I need guidance and assistance when it comes to a more contemporary uptown look. Every city has a different vibe. I love doing things in my city, Seattle.  I will still be casual on my adventure days with my hubby and friends, but with this experience I will feel more confident about attending events with my new updated look!  In the end, isn’t that what we all want?

A special thanks to Tannya Bernadette, Personal Shopper + Stylist

Find out more about Tannya on her blog: and her website:

Want to work with Tannya Bernadette? Use the code EMPTYNEST50 to schedule a 30-minute In-Home Complimentary Consultation + $50 off Your First Style Session

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  1. I’ve never had a personal shopper before. It sounds like an interesting experience!

    1. I’d never done it before either. It was not what I expected either. It was even better than I imagined!

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