The Next Five People You Meet

No, this isn’t a review of the Mitch Albom book, “The a Five People You Meet in Heaven.” Although I’ve read it and seen the movie. It was definitely an interesting take on the idea of life and heaven. You should read it.

Sorry, I got side tracked there for a moment.

I think what I really wanted to talk about isn’t necessarily the next five people you meet, exactly, but more of the concept. The impact you can make. The impact you make on the people you meet and how you can change the world, one person at a time.

Let me preface this with a disclaimer. I am not a psychologist. This is just a “in my life experience” and “have you ever thought about it” kind of post. At 54, I’m entitled to wax poetic occasionally and speak in life lessons learned.

If you’ve just tuned in you may not know me, if you aren’t new to my blog you still might not know my story. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Mom of twin boys who are now 22
  • Wife of an amazing husband for 32+ years
  • Science nerd turned fitness and foodie enthusiast
  • Traveled to 48 states and 5 countries
  • Sister and daughter
  • Adventure Lover

That is who I am, technically speaking. It’s not all of who I am. It’s not how I feel. I rarely share that with you because frankly, does it really matter and do you really care? If you don’t, simply move along.

img_8925I’m talking you today about taking the time to think about the next five people you meet today.

Did you talk with them or just do the nod?

Did you leave them with something positive or something negative about you?

Pause. Think about it.

Now think about how they left you feeling. Good, bad or indifferent?

The world today has become so amazingly negative. I have been floored by the stories I hear daily. My husband calls them internet cowards. You know who I mean. It’s the people that spread negativity on social media and the news. They actively take the time to respond that way. A tweet, a comment, an emoji, or even more amazing to me, a DM. They attack, verbally.

Seriously people? Why? Why do you feel the need to do this? Does this make you feel more powerful? Are you glad you were able to “stick it to them” or “show them they are stupid”. Seriously? Why??

I’m not talking about a good factual debate here. I’m talking about those threads you see where people go on and on with personal attacks when they disagree with someone. You’ve had your say and now you feel better?

Do you really? Did you get them to see your point or did you both walk away from the interchange shaking in righteous indignation, but really accomplished crap?


So here we go….the next five people you meet. In person or via social media. Let’s think before we post or comment or interact or don’t.

Let’s leave them feeling better for having met you.


Because in reality, you don’t know that person. Not completely. You don’t know the kind of day they are having. What kind of week. What kind of year. You don’t know the impact on them when you attack, scowl, or otherwise add negativity to their day. Just as they don’t know how their comments and attacks make you feel.

Change it up peeps. Add positivity….or just scroll on past.

My grandma always said, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Why have we gotten away from this? Why do we feel it’s ok to be simply nasty? To people we don’t even really know, and more importantly to those we do know?

You think you are entitled to your opinion? Damn straight you are. That doesn’t mean you have to share it all the time. Or that you can wield it like a sword to cut people down, be condescending, and just downright rude.

Pick your time and place to share your opinion. Think about your words. Think about their impact. Just plain think.

img_8697Because those next five people you meet may be having a really crappy day and you could make it worse, not change it, or choose to make it better.

How? Compliment them. Show them joy. Show them the good life can bring. And if you can’t, don’t leave negativity behind. Scroll past. Don’t scowl. Don’t attack. Move along.

Years ago the slogan was all about change…are you making that change in your life? In the lives of others? Is it positive? Or does it feed into the negativity? Because really, if you think you are making the world better because you feel right, because you feel justified to treat others like crap, think again.

That’s all peeps. Back to my usual peppy happy self tomorrow. Peace.

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  1. Love this! Amen to positivity and kindness! A few kind words to someone goes so far and can have a much bigger impact on that person than one could ever imagine.

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