A Yoga Certification at 56? Why Not!

Getting Ready for Warrior Goddess Retreat

I recently went to dinner with several women whom I have known for years. We met when my twins were in school, and we’ve kept in touch afterwards. It was great catch-up and see where we were all at now. I’ve grown and explored so many new facets of myself, getting my yoga certification, my HIIT & Flow certification and my Soul Purpose Coach certification. All after the age of 56. Why? WHY NOT!?!

Our conversation flowed through where we were and where we wanted to go. It all had me thinking about my ultimate why. What were my goals throughout my life and how did they change? I looked back at my younger self and thought, what would I think at age 10, 14, 18, 21, 30, even 40, about my life as it is now? Would I have ever been able to predict the course it would take? If I asked the younger versions of me if I could see myself living in Seattle? Before that Iowa? Oklahoma? Wisconsin? Would I have ever seen the journey life has taken along the way?

Heck NO! Surely, you knew that was the point of this post. Life is full of discovery and disappointment. There are phases of happiness and hurt. Pursuing all of its limitless possibilities is the point of it all.

Take that next step today!

  • Stop holding yourself back.
  • Stop watching everyone else take those leaps of faith.
  • Start reaching for that next thing that lights you up and brings you joy!
  • Start recognizing that you can find the freedom to be your most beautiful, unique self.
  • Embrace a life unrestrained by the boxes and labels that friends, family and society want to stick on you!
  • Become the multi-passionate, multidimensional Warrior Goddess within YOU!

If that means getting your yoga certification at 56, do it!

I’m here to guide you along the journey, be your biggest cheerleader and fondest advocate. Heart-centered and ready to help you find your highest self!

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  1. I love how passionate you are about chasing your dreams!

    1. Life is too short not to! My dad was 64 when he passed away, he has so many things he still wanted to do. I’m living his dream 🙂

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