Fall Foodie Finds

I can’t believe FALL is in full swing and I haven’t had a moment to spare in getting all things Fall going in the kitchen of my foodie home

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I haven’t been enjoying #allthingspumpkinspice, but there are so many fun foods out there that I haven’t wanted to miss a thing!

All the retailers are going all-in with Fall food this year. It is simply overwhelming at times. My family looks so different now that the boys are adulting. The house can be me and the hubs. Just me. Me and my peeps. Because the boys are no longer here, my food shopping can look completely different. But then, visits into the city to see Josh aren’t any fun unless I can bring him a little mom love…in the form of food!

Here I am checking the recommends from fellow foodie blogger @healthycarleeh and browsing the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer ad on the interweb.

To keep from completely going bonkers, I’m going to share with you all my favorite foodie finds from all the stores I shopped at locally. Full disclosure here, I am not an affiliate, influencer and this is not a #ad. This is just a list of all things Fall that I loved.

It was super fun hitting the stores and thinking of maybe writing this post. I hit Trader Joe’s first with friend and fellow PNW blogger, Sveeteskapes. You’ll have to hit up her post because she is all things Trader Joe’s and her lists are amazing!

Fun shopping Tip #1….Shopping with friends is always funner than shopping alone. You can oooh and aaaah together. The “OMG, look at this” just isn’t the same with a perfect strange. Trust me.

After our #traderjoeshaul was complete, it was off to Target and Walmart because honestly, my budget couldn’t handle fulltime Trader Joe’s hauling and I have to hit up my local big-box stores for a few items TJ doesn’t carry and for the price savings.

Shopping Tip #2…go with a plan of action or be prepared to take a long time finding all the #traderjoesfallfinds simply because they have a lot and it is literally all over the shelves, end-aisles and display cases. This will really help if you are budget conscious.

Tip #3…..I will usually get a smaller cart to avoid overfilling beyond my means and then I always reassess after I have grabbed everything I think I want and decide what I realllllly want. And yes, I do put things back in their original spots.

One item that I realllllly didn’t need, but really had to come home with me was the delicious O&H Pumpkin Spice Kringle made in Racine, Wisconsin. Why? Danish pastry yumminess aside, it brings me back to when we lived in Milwaukee and I would stop on my way back from Chicago. Racine was the perfect “out of Chicago traffic, but not yet home stop” and you just can’t go wrong with fresh pastry, right?

It’s so yummy that although you Can see it in the photo, and you can see it in my cart, it didn’t make it into my at-home photo sesh. Why you ask? Because the hubby who was home opened it and ate half while I was out getting my 5K Great Pumpkin Run done! Ok, I may have had a slice or three too…….

Home Goods for coffee and cute mugs, how cool is this one for our son, Josh? Next, hitting up Target!

Yes, I am one of those moms that still sends care packages to her adulting sons. I can’t help it. They may be living on their own and having lives, but nothing says, ‘I love you and was thinking about you”, than a package of their favorite foods or even some fun season treats. Unfortunately for Zach, he lives too far for me to spoil with anything needing a fridge or freezer so his care packages are a little different. Josh lives near enough that I can bring him treats IRL, so it was super fun shopping knowing we would be having dinner with him a couple days later. I picked up things he would enjoy as a surprise to toss in with my homemade applesauce that he loves.

A few of my favorites even made it on the lunch menu two days later when the hubs was home and I knew I had a ton of office work to do! Quick and easy deli ready soups and salads were the perfect thing for midday.

Who doesn’t love a healthier choice for lunch than grazing or picking up a not-so-good-for-me high-sodium alternative from the store or a fastfood drive through?

Are you ready for the list? Is it huge? Nope. Simple easy and just my favorites! Have you tried any of these? Find something on the list you can’t live without? Know something I should add that is equally a-mazing? Let me know! I love shares!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first ever Fall Foodie Finds! Next up…..I’m trying my hand at kicking my Fall decorating up a notch! Wish me luck!

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