Top 5 Falloween Decoration Tips

I’m going to real with you… I am the worst at decorating for the seasons. I’m lucky if I remember that I actually have a single bucket in my garage for Fall & Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is a whole different story.

Maybe it’s from my youth where money was tight and mom made our costumes for Halloween. There’s also the fact that its really hard to get into Fall in Southern California. After all, sand and succulents don’t really change color much this time of year. 🤣🤣🤣

Needless to say, we didn’t decorate a whole heck of a lot this time of year. On top of that, if you don’t know by now, I’m not an overly fancy-pants girly-girl, you could call my idea of decorating…..minimalist. I’m trying to get better though.

Tip #1…. start by going through what you already have.

We have been married for 33 years and moved 8 times! With each move I made it a point to go through everything before it went to our new home.

We haven’t moved in 15 years! Stuff piles up, right? Especially the stuff stored above the garage, kinda like “outta sight, outta mind”. You get it. This year my goal was to go through my existing buckets and create piles to toss, keep, and donate.

Inspiration from the in-store displays at Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma.

Tip #2…. find your inspiration.

Next up was scouring Pinterest, the ads and all the spendy store displays for ideas. I wanted to make it something new and fresh, but still is me. My house isn’t a Pottery Barn house. My ideas still needed to be me, just a little upgraded.

Luckily I was smart enough to also bring inspiration and help with me… friend and fellow blogger @sveeteskapes Friends like this are a godsend to decor-changed friends like me who can’t seem to figure this stuff out.

Shopping at Home Goods we found load of goodies at great prices. Big lots the prices were a little bit much, which was a surprise really. So I just got a little silly instead.

Tip #3…. shop the sales.

Trying to keep things within a budget, I hit Value Village, Goodwill, and my local thrift stores. Using hashtags #repurpose and #sustainability is so much better sounding than #budgetconcious and they’re trending right?

Then it was off to Home Goods, Big Lots, Marshall’s, Walmart and Michaels. It was really awesome that I was able to hit Michael’s when decorations were already 60% off for Fall – and it was only October 4th! Shop smart, your money will go farther that way.

Tip #4…. be you.

Since I was building on things I already had in the house, it was all about choosing the right pieces for me. Long-term pieces I would still really like year after year. While everything is all black and white for the season this year, I went with the more colorful options. Give me all things plaid, orange, green and for Halloween purples !

Of course, just because I had a few goals in mind didn’t mean a girl couldn’t have fun while shopping, right? Oh, the looks we got! It definitely made it fun to have someone with me.

I was even able to grab my friend Jackie to help me find my final pieces. And with that I was done. Then it was time to put it together.

The front porch ready! NEW: Pumpkins from Walmart for $3.48 were a win. Hocus Pocus doormat from Ross $5.99 and the Fall Spray from HomeGoods $6.99.

Tip #5…. keep your receipt.

Once I had everything where I wanted it, I noticed another decorating trend for me…. I kinda like a little Halloween here, a little Fall there, and a little mixed in spots.

I also noticed that some items really weren’t me after getting them home, so back they went. You can always return what you don’t need or when you find something you like better. Just make sure that all your items are returnable before purchasing!

Living Room Ready! NEW: Pillows from Home Goods $19.99 each, but so they were my big ticket items. Sign from Michael’s was $5.00.

Dining Room Set! NEW: Candle from Home Goods $5.99, Pumpkins & Cardinal from Target ($10, $7, $5), Salt/Pepper shakers are both thrift store finds at $5 & Fall garland from Michaels at $5.60, Napkins & Placemats $9.99 at Marshall’s. Wine Goblets also from Marshall’s $12.99.

Fireplace Alcove Spooky! NEW: Purple spider web garland $2.50 at Michael’s, Candy sign & Trick or Treat from Target $3 each, Witch mug and Hocus Pocus Cauldron $3.99 each from Marshall’s, Rae Dunn Bewitched Cakeplate $16.99 from HomeGoods.

Coffee Bar Ready to Brew! NEW: Rae Dunn mugs from Marshall’s & HomeGoods $5.99 each, Namaste Withes Towel $3.99, Happy Pumpkin Spice Sign $7.99 from a local small business, Country Rose. Yes, witch mug and hocus pocus sign are from the fireplace photo – cuz full disclosure on my photo props. hehehe

I think I did pretty good, what do you think? Share your decorating fun for #falloween on your IG, Facebook and Pinterest! I love saving new ideas for next year… or maybe I will do the boys houses next. HEHEHEHE!

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