Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspo

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m finally getting around to share with you some really cute, and often, inexpensive ways to pop a little Heart Day love into your outfits.

If you read my last post Valentine Treats and Party Decorations for Less, then you know that I am all about saving a my pennies and dimes and just picking up a few pieces here and there and working with what you already have.

Pop of Color – Remaking that Holiday Outfit You Just Wore!

Simply adding a splash of red or pink into your outfit can make all the difference. I’m partial to red, because finding the right pink for a redhead isn’t easy. And I don’t do pastels. You know I love the color red already, so my closet had a lot of options just from Christmas that I could mix or match with other items.

Take these two outfits that I first showed you for the Holidays. Just adding a different red shoe, a red purse or a pair of red earrings, and I’ve got an new outfit ready to go.

Our date out in the city was so much fun, especially when I could wear match that red with the hubs, right?

Casual Looks & Mixing Patterns

Adding a fun sweater or t-shirt with your everyday jeans both with spashes of pink were this years favorite for me. It’s so out of my comfort zone, but they just popped on rainy days in Seattle. I just loved both of these new pieces with this bubblegum pink color. Don’t you?

Mixing up patterns is new to me, but all my fashionista friends tell me that stripes and polkadots do go together, so why not with these fun rain boots and my favorite umbrella with my new cute top, am I right?

Borrow or Loan to a Friend

A bunch of us went off on a Galentine’s Weekend Getaway. While we were there we shot a bunch of these fun photos. Finding great pieces that you can borrow from a friend or she can borrow from you is a great way to expand your wardrobe for less. Check out these outfits, where Cindy and I shared the same piece for our photos..

If you guessed that we shared the entire outfit, sorry, it was just this fun corset from Amazon. Our skirts look the same, but while both come from Amazon, I am much taller so had to pick up a longer version. In the photos below, you can see we are both wearing a bubblegum sweater with leggings. How fun is having a friend you can share your closet with?!?!

Pink Sweater from Marshall’s Clearance $8

Mix It Up Your Look!

Changing up one or two parts of an outfit with a “statement piece” as they call it can give you two completely different looks. Take this amazing leather jacket that I picked up at the outlet mall for $40 on clearance.

Outfit 1: a casual day out look. Converse, blue jeans and this fun Navy button-down top with little red hearts all over it. Fun and cute.

Outfit 2: Make those jeans black skinny jeans and change out your top for a sexy red bralette and Va-Va-Va-Voom! Ok, maybe not the snow boots, but give a girl a break you gotta work with what you got. If I was heading out with the hubs, I would throw on some red pumps to complete the look.

Life is meant to be lived and shared. I’d rather spend my money on fun adventures like a date out with the hubby or a weekend with my galpals than spending the bank on an outfit. Pick colors that work for you where you can use pieces over different adventures, why not? I’m not telling if you’re not. Who cares if it’s last years, refreshed?

Have a fun Heart Day! Love you!

A special thanks to @sveeteskapes and @discoveringgeorgina_ for these fun photos and Hillside Hideaway Leavenworth for the beautiful snow covered setting!


  1. Love all this pics and your outfits super cute

    1. Thanks for capturing me so well!

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