Wanderlust 2019

It’s been two years since I last attended Wanderlust, graduations for our sons happened right when Wanderlust Seattle 108 was going on last year.

Something new happened this year. Wanderlust decided to change Seattle from Wanderlust 108 to their two-day event format. What’s the difference?

Wanderlust 108 is a one-day event that starts with a 5K run and transitions into the yoga that they are known for worldwide. Because I am a yogi who also runs, this really appealed to me. It was the reason I signed up for my first Wanderlust 108 in 2016 and returned for 2017.

Wanderlust 2-Day is a condensed version of their larger 4-day events and without the 5K run of the 108. Lots of yogi with more workshops and speakers than Wanderlust 108.

What did I think?

I have to say I loved the variety of classes available at the larger 2-day event. My morning started with the drive into Sammamish. Because I gave myself ample time to get there parking was quick, close and easy.

After getting my wristband that let the volunteers know that I could access the classes, I headed to the open field. I quickly rolled out my mat, because my favorite yogi musician, MC Yogi was in the House! Then I went in search of some breakfast and decided on an açaí bowl. It was still early, but it was nice to eat while roaming through the slowly opening vendor booths.

Just in time, I caught up with fellow Sweat Pink Sister, and yoga instructor in Belling ham, Autumn @awholestory. We rocked, hip hopped and beat our way through our amazing yoga flow, catching pictures here and there of each other!

Wanderlust also has their own roaming photographer and I love that some of their shots caught each of us! Thanks @soniaprimeranophotography for capturing the photos in the slide show!

Find Inspiration

Next up was time for the inspirational @nicoleacardoza who at just 29 has started more companies than I will ever think about. She is the heart and soul behind @yogafoster. A non-profit organization founded on the purpose of bringing yoga to more kids in the public school system. Leaving tech behind she is the Founder and CEO of this amazing organization. She is powerful, forthright and energetic! I can’t wait to meet up with her again some day!

Yoga Foster: We provide free and low-cost training, lesson plans, yoga mats and more for educators to bring yoga and mindfulness in the classrooms. To make it possible, we rally the wellness community to put their practice into action – raising funds, donating gently-used mats, and advocating for the wellness of everyone in their community, no matter how small.

Learn more about Yoga Foster here.

Chill Out and Explore

A bit of chill time in the LaCroix booth and a snack at the Kashi booth before we caught the tail end of acro yoga yoga, popped into tribal yoga and a little photo session with @healthycarleeh. Since aerial yoga was full, I ended my day while Autumn and Carleeh stayed to try and get into the last class.

Why Wanderlust?

You don’t have to be a yoga instructor or a hardcore yogi to go to Wanderlust and enjoy it. I love yoga and even I find it hard to do some of the transitions. That doesn’t stop me from getting into the positive vibes I feel when at a gathering like this.

My yoga practice the last year hasn’t been as consistent as I’d like. That’s my fault. I decided to focus on my running and there never seemed to be enough hours in my day.

That’s something that I want to change this year I want to find a better way to balance my fitness between strength training, yoga, and running. I know I can do it and still have time for me and all the other things that I love. Yoga got me through the biggest transition in my life from stay-at-home mom to empty-nester.

Personally I need to get back into the meditation become I love how I feel when I do yoga consistently. I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts and how they find balance with all things the love to do.

The Best Part of the Wanderlust…For Me!

One of the best things to come out of my day at Wanderlust was the quality the time I got to spend with Autumn.

I met Autumn two and a half years ago in Vancouver BC at the Empower Retreat for Fit Approach (#sweatpink). I was so new to blogging about life, fitness and food that I had didn’t have the chance to really get to know her. And frankly, I was a bit intimidated to be with all these amazing women!

I saw her again at Blogfest last year, but we were so busy with so many people we again didn’t have the time. The crazy thing is we only live 45 minutes apart. After our conversation, my goal this year is to spend more time getting to know this beautiful human being. Our conversation meandered through a whole plethora of subjects, most of it being about how we continue to inspire and empower ourselves, each other and others.

I am thankful for the time I took that day to sit and really get to know someone. That’s my biggest takeaway. When given a chance to really sit down and get to know someone, skip that yoga class, skip grabbing lunch or skip that next meet-up possibility because you never know with divine inspiration will happen when you open yourself up to it.

Have you ever thought of Volunteering?

I know many of you guys think that perhaps Wanderlust is too pricey for you for a yoga event. I’m here to tell you that there are many ways in which you can attend.

They are always looking for volunteers to help out. Head on over to their website, indicate which event you’d like to volunteer at. When the time gets closer you’ll receive a schedule in which to sign up for your volunteer time and at what stations.

Volunteering allows you access to all the things going on at Wanderlust. For me I knew I would only have one day so I volunteered to be part of the Street Team. Street team volunteering consists of going to various yoga studios, athletic clubs, coffee shops and anywhere you can think that someone might want to know about Wanderlust. Then you simply hand them some cards, flyers or posters. All of the places that I went gladly took the cards and a few of the posters. Ater you complete your hours and log in the information required, you receive a code to sign in and schedule your classes. There really isn’t a reason not to go. You can make it happen!

One of these days I’d love to attend one of the big Wanderlust events! I’m putting it on my bucket list. How fun would it be to do yoga in Hawaii or Mexico or one of the other many places Wonderlust events?

If you’d like more information on Wanderlust, simply pop on over to their website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

If you want to see why I absolutely love MC YOGI, head on over to his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about the Sweat Pink Community

Peace out peeps! Let me know when you decide to wander too!


  1. Oh!! 😭😍😍 the highlight for me too was connecting with you and just how easy and wonderful that felt. It’s so good to find that comfort in a new friend ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. 💯 % made the day!

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