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Warrior Goddess Retreat Zen


Recognizing the power, strength and beauty in each of us, all of our retreats and workshops strive to make a positive impact on our community of women. Our retreats are not just about yoga and wellness, they are about the entire experience. We believe that every woman is beautiful and here to find her inner Warrior Goddess and learn to shine her light brightly.

Welcome to our Warrior Goddess Retreat Series


Certified yoga instructor and life coach Kathy Rodriguez created a series of retreats that combine wellness and fitness to inspire and empower women to reach their full potential and ignite their inner Warrior Goddess.

Each retreat is created to work together to provide you with the tools you need to find your souls purpose and grow into the amazing women we all know is inside each of us! Learn to shine that inner light brightly!

Warrior Goddess Retreat Series

Flow. Explore. Grow.

Ignite Your Warrior Goddess!
Let’s talk limiting beliefs and how we take on a whole new mindset to find that Warrior and Goddess within us all!
$300.00 per person

Flow. Explore. Love.

Self Love & Self Care
Learn to love ourselves and then show love by providing you with the tools for your own self-care.
$300.00 per person

Flow. Explore. Purpose.

Finding our Purpose. Learn how to identify and harness your unique energy to manifest your highest reality. Let’s tap into who you are! $300.00 per person

Wellness Workshops Available

Wellness Series – Doshas
Wellness Series – Chakras
Wellness Series – Human Design
Embrace the Now YOU
Body, Mind, & Spirit
Love Your NOW Body
Body, Mind & Spirit
Find Your Balance
Body, Mind & Spirit

Before & After YOUR Empty Nest FREE Masterclass

Navigating the time when your kids leave the house can be a struggle for so many of us. This seminar will be all about not just surviving, but THRIVING! We will learn the tools to prepare you for every stage. Great for anyone, no matter where they are at in their journey.

This class was held July 15th. You can register to receive a link to view the recorded class. Simply click on the link below!

Warrior Goddess Retreat Buffet

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