Fall is in the Air! It’s Vata Season

I recently asked my Instagram followers exactly where did the phrase, “Fall is in the Air” originate? Where did it come from? As a yogi and Soul Purpose Life Coach, I was introduced to the practice of Ayurveda. A centuries-old form of ancient medicine, self-care and wisdom. In Ayurveda, Fall is Vata Season. Vata is also used to describe the dosha governed by the elements of air and space. Each of us has our own unique combination of the doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). We will all have symptoms of Vata imbalance as the season gets into full swing, so it is important to find ways to help Vata stay balanced for YOU.

A quick and easy remind of ways to find your balance during Vata Season, save this Joyful Purpose Yogi created meme!

Let’s Dig Deeper!

A picture can speak volumes, or it can fall short (pun intended) if there isn’t something to back it up and give you a little guidance. When you feel a bit anxious, flighty and ready to jump out of your skin, you’ll want to add in the opposite qualities. Think, warmth, calmness, stability and a slower pace.

Make space in your day.

Instead of packing your schedule full, thinking it’s great wearing the ‘busy badge of honor’ and rushing through your mornings and evenings to get on with your day, slow down. Just as you schedule that next appointment, that holiday party, schedule your downtime as well. Mark it in your calendar as, “Mindfulness,” or whatever you want to call it that keeps it on the schedule and stops you from moving to the next day…or the next…or the next.

Serenity Now!

Isn’t just a phrase we all remember from Seinfeld, it’s the space you need to create for yourself during Vata Season. Think warm, inviting, relaxing, cozy. This is space designed with YOU in mind. Add whatever you need to your favorite corner, a blanket, some candles, a book you want to read, the list is endless. It’s YOUR retreat from the craziness, someplace to replenish and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Adjust your diet.

During the fall and early winter months, try your best to stay away from things that are cold and dry, like iced drinks and snacks like chips and crackers. Again, warm, moist and well-spiced food are perfect for keeping excesses during Vata Season at bay. Hot tea, warm soups and broths along with herbs and spices like cinnamon, ginger, pepper and turmeric help to balance your doshas. Sweet potato, root vegetables, banana, papaya and dates are also great ideas!

What foods should you avoid or use in moderation? Dried fruits, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, garlic, yeasted breads, cold or frozen milk products, and kombucha. These are foods that add air/gas or are cold/frozen, things that put even more Vata qualities!

Mindful movement.

Vata energy can be very quick in nature, so finding movement that is slow and intentional like yoga and stretching is exactly what your body needs. Change-up your lifestyle and fitness to include slower walks in nature or viewing the holiday decorations help us to connect to what the world is feeling too. Sync your body with natures cycles and it will thank you.

Are you looking for yoga poses that are perfect for Vata Season or if your primary dosha is Vata? Child’s pose, Downward Dog, Legs Up-the-Wall are just a few.

5-Minute Meditation.

You can do anything for five minutes, right? Why not make it really count. Try a 5-minute meditation. You can find them on YouTube or apps like, Calm. Slow down and just breathe, intentionally. My favorite is 4-2-7 breathing, even if I can only do it once. Breathe in for four counts, hold for 2, breathe out for 7 counts. Really release it deeply by squeezing the last bit held in your core. It helps to calm you while also getting in a short ab workout! Win-win!

Are you ready for Vata Season Now?

Adding in the right self-care for the time of the year helps to balance Vata and calm the mind and body. I hope you find these suggestions helpful. If are interested in learning more about the doshas, what your unique blend of the doshas is and what that means for your own self-care, you can schedule a time to chat. I love sharing my learning with others as part of their coaching sessions, in workshops or part of a larger retreat series. You can contact me for more information via email at joyfulpurposeyogi@gmail.com. or view my offerings here.

I am not a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, but merely an enthusiast. I love to learn more about ways I can help myself, my students and my clients. For guidance on how to make adjustments in your life based on your dosha, visit an Ayurvedic health practitioner or doctor.

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