Conquering Our Fear of Heights

In 2019, I had the most amazing opportunity. A local Seattle blogger let us know about an area business that was hosting a Seattle influencer and content creator evening of fun.

Curious, I went on their website to check it out. It looked like amazing a rope obstacle course ending, if you want, in ziplining and then repelling.

Here’s the thing you may not know about me, I DO NOT like heights. It’s not that I have an overwhelming fear of heights, I just don’t like them. I don’t like the sense of loss of control over terra firma under my feet. It can be so bad sometimes that I have white knuckled it during a drive up the side of a mountain with my husband driving our jeep and our twin 10-year-olds in the back until he finally realized that I really really really didn’t like it and turned around. Ok, I will grow up and admit I do have a fear.

Not only do I have a dislike of heights, but I’m one of those lucky people that has BPV (benign positional vertigo). That means that sometimes, but not all the time, I get vertigo when my head gets into a certain position. When I looked at this obstacle course and some of the over 60 rope course challenges I thought oh hell no!

But you know me, a little bit wildish and kinda willing to try things. The fantastic thing about this event is that we wouldn’t have to go alone. We were also able to bring up to three friends or family members with us so I knew I would have support if I need it. Also, my friend Carleeh (@healthycarleeh) was attending the event with her daughters. I knew that if she could try it, I could try it too. Strength in numbers? Misery loves company? You pick.

I sent in my RSVP for four. The hubby and I decided to make it a couples night and invited our friends Jackie and Adam. Jackie and Adam are also empty-nesters like us and ready and willing for adventures. Jackie is also like me and has a fear of heights, so I knew I would be surrounded by an amazing tribe of support and I would also not be the only one afraid.

The evening dawned and we all headed over. After signing in, we were all weighed to make sure that we did not go over the 265 pound weight limit. We then headed over to go through Ground School where you learn how to use your equipment and get prepared for your adventure.

I really liked this part of the adventure. With my fears it was really nice to learn how to take on and take off my lifelines so that I knew that I would always have one lifeline connecting me to the course. You can’t go up into the rope obstacle course and ziplining without going through the Ground School, getting on your safety equipment and having your harness reviewed by one of the staff to make sure the fit is right.

NOTE: Cameras and phones are not allowed on the course for safety reasons. This is why there will be a few photos of me taken by Carleeh who was in a later group or my hubby who finished first and raced off to grab the phone and camera out of our stored bag.

I could tell the guys were excited! Jackie and I were still a little worried that once we got up there we might freak, but we knew the guys had us covered. We finished with Ground School which was taught tonight by owner Brad and proceeded to wait in line to get up into the obstacle course.

There are three levels to the rope course with over 60 challenges. Each challenge is color-coded based on difficulty. As you complete a challenge, you reach a platform and from there can choose from three options. It’s a great way to mix it up each time you attend. You also don’t have to wait at the platform long because if one challenge is busy, you can just change your route. You make it as easy or as difficult as you wish. I think knowing this helped me feel like I had some sense of control back. If I was feeling particularly shaky or needed to chill, I could.

And We Are Off!

Our first obstacle was a rope bridge going from Level 1 to Level 2. There was one main line at the base with the zigzagging-crossing lines coming up to about hand-height “railing”. Adam went first with Jackie and myself sandwiched between him and Michael.

At that landing Jackie froze and couldn’t go on. We all chatted and Jackie decided to go down for a little bit and go through the lower level obstacles until she felt comfortable enough to go up. Meanwhile, Adam, Michael and I slowly made our way up to the third level to the zip line.

I really can’t believe that I made it even up to the third level! Some of the obstacles were really challenging. You really had to think about how best to go across before even starting. It helped me that I was between the two guys. I could watch either Adam or Michael go ahead of me and kind of figure out for myself how I wanted to go across. Sometimes it was the same as them, sometimes it wasn’t.

I will say that I’m really glad that I run and I do yoga because I am really aware of my body and how it moves. You really use a lot of upper body and a heck of a lot of core on most of those rope obstacles. Every once in a while we would look back to see where Jackie was, holler across to each other and cheer each other on. We eventually made it to the zipline. I was amazed at how safe I felt. I mean you are connected to three ways to Sunday to the line and really just sit in your harness, grab on to you line and GOOOOOOOO! Exhilirating!

By the time we finally repelled down to the bottom, I was so excited to be back on the ground. I had done it! I’m not saying that I don’t still have an aversion to heights, but at least this part of it I know I can do.


I can’t thank the owner Brad enough for this night. He went above and beyond with my adventure buddy, Jackie. He met up with her when she was on that first level. He listened when she explained her fears and that she really wanted to make it up to the top and zipline like the rest of us. He then walked her through the rope challenges, talking her through it each step of the way, showing her how best to go across each challenge. She finally made it to the top and ziplined and the whole crew was on the ground watching and cheering. This is what friendship is all about.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting adventure where you can challenge yourself to make it through three levels of a rope obstacle course finalizing in a ziplining 3 times and then repelling to the ground then head over to High Trek Adventures in Everett, WA. If you follow me on Instagram and catch a my post there early enough you have the opportunity to win tickets to High Trek! You might even get a chance to meet the amazing Brad. Either way you’ll have a blast!

More About High Trek Adventures:

High Trek Adventures gifted me our four tickets for this amazing experience, however I value giving you my honest opinion. My opinions and this experience are my own! Thank you to Marissa Pederson @postcardstoseattle for coordinating this event!


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