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What is Geocaching and why the heck do we as adults enjoy it so much? Isn’t it just something for kids to do? They weather is getting nicer in the PNW and that means its time for more outdoor adventures. If you guys follow along on me on IG @peppyfitfoodie, you’ll see posts in my Stories that I am somewhere Geocaching with my peeps. What’s great is that you can easily keep to social distancing rules because its all about stealth!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching really took off in 2008 when they released the ability to track and mark locations using GPS. It is like treasure hunting in the 21st Century. You use an App to find “treasure” hidden all over the world.

Using GPS, a geocache is hidden and marked with some details to help you locate it, but without being too obvious. You’ll know the size of the treasure, perhaps there will be a hint or two, and the app will help you navigate as you get closer and closer.

The key is to find the treasure, sign the log and move along without being seen by muggles (non-geocachers). In some cases the geocache contains take-aways or even trackables. When it is big enough you can leave stuff, trade stuff or if it calls to you just take something. Remember, it’s all out there for everyone!

Geocaching can be fun for the whole family! With a good cell signal you can do it really anywhere. You can even choose to leave your own geocaches by purchasing the things you need. Remember, some geocaches will disappear. Muggles are often the culprits. It’s a chance you take.

Trackable Info on the App, The 1st Geocache I Left, Smokey the Bear Trackable

What is a trackable?

A trackable can come in many forms, but they are all left in larger geocaches. Many have goals set on them, like traveling to all parks. Trackables are all logged into the Geocache apps system and given a trackable code based on a series of letters/numbers already on the item. You can purchase trackable barcodes to add to your own creation or you can purchase pre-set trackables. Part of the fun is seeing where they go! My friend Cindy left a trackable at the Seattle Sculpture Park. Later, she received a notification that her trackable had been picked up and then dropped off in Australia. How fun is that?

Do you need anything special to go geocaching?

Other than the app, no, although some items are helpful to have on hand. I have a small backpack filled with all the tools of the trade, so when we go out we can geocache safely.

Here is a list of the items you should include:

  • extra pens
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • garden shears
  • plastic bags
  • gardening gloves 🧤
  • little toys from the Dollar Store
  • hand wipes
  • bandaids

How did I get started?

I have my fellow run tribe to thank since Cindy and Amber have been off on adventures geocaching before I joined them. In the off-season or when we are on a recovery day and just walking instead of running, why not? We love hiking and solving mysteries, why not combine the two?

Why do we do it?

Geocaching takes us places we’ve never been, sometimes we set out to geocache, sometimes it’s an added bonus to an already planned adventure and sometimes it’s a mixture of both. Either way, we’ve found geocaches in the funnest spots.

Recently when visiting her daughter Isha, Cindy sent me a video of them with the coolest geocache ever. I just had to share it with you so that you could see how fun geocaching can be.


Lucky for us, the geocaching headquarters is actually in Seattle, Washington. It’s not far from where we live and in one of my favorite neighborhoods of Seattle, Fremont. On one of our many adventures into the city we made sure to stop and visit. We added some geocache finds, some cool swag, and picked up a few trackable’s of our own.


Geocaching App Geocaching Shop Geocaching Items on Amazon

Today I’ve done geocaching in Washington, Baltimore, Southern California, and that’s it. Scroll through the photos below to see how fun it really is!

I’m excited to try geocaching all over the world one day! Want to do more outdoor adventures? Check out my post “Novice’s Guide to Hiking!”

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