Top 25 under $25 Holiday Fashion Finds

I know! I can’t believe we are already talking about Holiday Fashion and Thanksgiving is still two weeks away! Seriously, did you not notice #allthingschristmas hitting the stores earlier and earlier every year?

I may age myself, but I remember when the Toy-R-Us holiday catalog came out the day after Thanksgiving, not 2 months before! And now stores are having Black Friday Sales pricing even before Halloween?!?

Does this mean we all have to jump on the band wagon? No. You can choose to wait and then just when you are getting around to going out shopping for an outfit for this years family Christmas photo or the company Holiday party….all you’ll be able to find is bathingsuits!

You know the first stop I always make is to my favorite store, Kohl’s, right? I am from Wisconsin where it is headquartered, after all. I’d even like to take credit for getting it here in Washington state. The first thing I did when we moved here in 2004 is to email Kohl’s marketing department and say, “What? No Kohl’s in Washington?!?” Two years later….yep!

I always end up finding just the perfect Holiday piece to add to my wardrobe without going broke. A refresh is a perfect way to get the season started. I shop smart only getting items that will go with things already in my closet. Like the amazing leather jacket I picked up at Goodwill three years ago for $7.50 that you see in the photo.

Here’s my helpful hint for Holiday savings….I have a Kohl’s charge card. They send me loads of extra savings like today’s 30% off. I love to shop on days when I get Kohl’s cash as well.

Here is how it went….shop the sales, get 30% more off the prices, get $60 Kohl’s cash using my Kohl’s charge. Then head to the back of the store and pay directly to my card. Easy-peasy! If you are really smart and sticking to your budget you will bring cash with you and make sure your bill isn’t more than that.

Then come back and spend that $60 Kohl’s cash. And only that amount. Yes, I stick to the amount of Kohl’s cash I have and don’t spend more! It’s also a great way to do your Christmas shopping. Purchase your gifts and then use your Kohl’s cash for that cute pair of red boots that you were eyeing!

Here are my favorite 25 under $25 at Kohl’s for 2019! See if you can pick out the pieces in my fun photos with Kusum from Sveeteskapes! Click on the photo you like to head directly to Kohl’s!

Happy Shopping Peeps!

A special thanks to Sveeteskapes for capturing my images!

There are no affliate links to the above fashion finds. I get nothing other than the joy of sharing great finds with you!


  1. I am loving every single one of these pieces that you picked out! They are both fun and festive 🙂

    1. Are the animal prints fab?!

    2. Oh! I love that you found some pieces!

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