Top 10 Reasons to Do a Virtual Run

What? You are probably all wondering if I’ve jumped into a alternate universe or into one of my sons computer games. You would be wrong. What is a virtual run and why do one?

You can get some really fun bling and donate to a great charity without having to leave your neighborhood.

There are many different versions of virtual runs. Some are attached to fundraisers. These are when a percentage of the proceeds goes to a charity. Many of us are doing the upcoming Pink Santa Hat Movement. This is a race being done to raise funds for breast cancer awareness in Atlanta, Georgia.

The race is going live there, but people across the country can run and support the cause from anywhere. In this case, there isn’t a medal and you won’t get a T-shirt, but you get to support a wonderful cause near and dear to many of us.

You can run a race with all your friends and family, even if they live all over the country.

Several big companies also do virtual runs, making it possible for runners who love them but can’t make a live run, to attend and get fun medals. RunDisney is an example of this. As you can imagine, they are one of the most popular runs for all the Disney fans out there. Fans and race enthusiasts can show off their love of all things Tinkerbell or Thor and complete their 5k at home, by treadmill or anywhere they want.

The cost for these runs isn’t insignificant, but for fans of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and all the other Disney subsideries, why not? Like me, there are people that can’t afford a trip to run at Disney World in Florida, but can still earn medals by running local. PS if they ever decide to do a run at Disneyland again, I am so there!

The whole family can get involved and kids love bling! What a great share at school the next week!

Yet another type of virtual run is one you just do because you want to. I’ll list a bunch of links to all the various websites for virtual runs. You can scroll and scroll and scroll through all of the many different themed runs until you find the exact one you want. Then do it on your own or post it on social media and see how many of your friends decide to join you!

In some cases these runs also have a cause attached to them. They can also have a completion time frame attached so be aware of this when you sign up.

Lastly, they can also just be a clearance sale run that also matches you!

You don’t have to worry about yet again another stupid race shirt you will never wear.

The last type of virtual run I’ve done is one attached to a fitness app you may already be using. As many of you may know, I’ve been using the Gixo app for additional fitness until recently. I loved the live coaches during my classes and the On Demand classes where I could take classes around my own schedule.

My favorite part of the app were all the many running classes, training series, and yes they also had virtual runs. These would be set up around specific holidays or had specific fundraisers attached where a certain percentage of the mileage was attached to a dollar amount donation to the charity.

Why do a Virtual Run?

Everyone can be the first place finisher.

I love the idea of a virtual run because they are something that anybody can do. You don’t have to go somewhere, fight for parking, or be amongst a huge crowd and be totally stressed. With virtual runs you can run anywhere, that’s the point right?

I love when they are attached to a charity/cause, but in many of the cases where I have done a virtual run it was just another way to have fun with my friends. It’s also a way to challenge yourself, meet specific goal, or just give yourself that extra boost you need to keep on going.

You never miss a race because you over slept or there was parking issues or traffic on the way.

Many times you can also pick the race length. Like many live races, you can chose a race where you can do 1 mile, a 5K, a 10K or more. You pick the length and complete it.

If you want to walk, if you want to jog or if you want to run like zombies are chasing after you, go for it. If you want to run in plain old normal athletic wear and be normal you can. But you can also add a little crazy, or go all out and dress for the team. Because it’s all about what you want.

You can set up a finish line where ever you want and everyone can break the ribbon and be a winner. As long as you have enough tape!

You don’t have to worry about the weather because you pick the day and time you run.

Similar to a regular race, a couple of the virtual runs I have done also have a sign in link at the end of the race Where you enter your time. Since you have already added your birthdate when you signed in there will be a running tally of where you hit any race did you win? Or your age group? Well you might not get a prize it’s still always fun when you get first place for your age group!

You don’t have to worry about a race falling on the day you get your period.

That’s my favorite thing about Virtual Runs….There is no specific location, just run, walk, jog, bike or treadmill during the event dates. It’s your race at your PACE. No more waiting in lines, no more cancelled events, just grab your friends, family, create a team and start your race.

A couple weeks ago my friends and I did the gate great pumpkin run.

This last week I did a virtual run on the top deck of a cruise ship while on vacation! How fun is that? The cruise ship was called the Inspiration! I was certainly inspired. And maybe it will inspire one of you to do a virtual run!

Find a Virtual Run

Have any of you done a virtual run? Do you have a favorite? Share! We are always looking for new fun! Any excuse to get a bit crazy, right?

You can choose your race route so there are NO HILLS.

Are you ready to try one now? Let’s complete a virtual run together!

Next Up…Fun Run Costumes!

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