Color Me Wild! Running Wild!

Do you have those kind of friends what love to get wild and crazy 😜

You know the kind. Willing to dress up in crazy outfits. Willing to go for a run (or walk). Totally ok with changing up their hair color.

How about family members that will look at you and not roll their eyes when you tell them that you want to get up early on Mother’s Day and run through the streets of Seattle while people throw color dust at you and then go to lunch after?!?

Not your thing? That’s cool. You can skip the rest of this post or you can go ahead and maybe get a little inspiration to try something new 😊

Here’s what happened to my carefully planned Mother’s Day…I won a ticket to the Color Run on Instagram from @healthycarleeh. Never one to shy away from a free run, I checked in with my hubs who smartly replied, “it’s your day!” and he’s such an awesome guy that he booked us a room downtown. We could go down, I could do check-in, get my race bib and swag the night before the race. Mother’s Day morning could be a bit more leisurely instead of the insanity it could have been driving down early the morning of and trying to find parking.

Since our hotel was only a few blocks away and parking at Seattle Center can be a b@#%$ on Saturday nights, I had the hubs drop me off and he headed to the hotel to check us in there. I was able to check-in and get my race bib. The volunteer was so awesome and didn’t miss a beat when I requested a bib ending in 26, my favorite number! I snagged a photo with Carleeh who was working the swag booth, picked up a few accessories, snapped a few more fun photos and walked to the hotel to meet-up with the hubs. We had a quiet night and the next morning dawned gray and drizzly, but that didn’t deter me!

Why do a ColorRun?

The thing is, a Color Run isn’t timed. It really is all about the fun of the event. And boy, do they know how to have fun! There is a bunch of swag you can buy to really get into the theme. This years theme is Love Town. How cool is that?! It’s all rainbows and unicorns and load and loads of COLOR! Peace, Love & Run Peeps!

I got my wild leggings on, I modified by Color Run shirt, because why be dull? Funning thing on the way over to the starting point, I ran into fellow Seattle blogger/vlogger @amarainseattle or for you YouTube lovers… Amara in Seattle.

How cool is that? I’m here ready to run and have fun on my own. Ok, not really “on my own” since there are 20K other people there, but still. I run in to Amara who I hadn’t seen in ages! We chatted while we waited for the race to start. And chatted some more since it wasn’t on time. That’s cool, we just went with the flow, solved the world’s problems and spoke about inspiring new content. That’s just we do when we meet up unexpectedly, don’t you?

The race started and we headed out in waves, but eventually I was on my way! Green! Bubbles! Yellow! Pink! and the 5K was done. Wow! That was fast!

The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, is a unique event that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. Now the largest running series in the world, The Color Run has been experienced by over 7 million runners worldwide in 40+ countries.


My most favorite thing about the Color Run is the After Party! More colored dust being tossed around, tons of photo backdrops for a zillion photos with your buds! Multiple vendors to try yummy stuff and pick up more swag.

The great thing besides all the fun at the end is that for friends or families doing the race together, there really is nothing funner out there. I loved watching the joy on the kids faces, the families laughing, the couples encouraging one another and the friends just having the time of their lives. Because the race isn’t timed, people could stop, take a zillion photos along the way, toss a bunch of colored dust at each other at random fun spots and play in the bubbles. Just people being joyful and happy.

After party over…time to pop back to the hotel, rinse off and get ready for my Mother’s Day Brunch at Smith with our son !

Do a Color Run peeps you’ll soon know why I love to Run Wild! Click here to find out more information on The Color Run!


  1. Always love your posts! You inspire me! ❤

    Marlene Caraballo

    Cheers to Chapter Two

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