Matchaholic at Holy Matcha

img_2294Do you guys remember this past summer when I went to San Diego for Blogfest? On my! It seems like forever-ago, right?

The funnest thing about going places with other fitness friends who are also foodies, is that they love adventuring to must-see places as much as you do! My bud, Carleeh of @healthycarleeh and @healthysocialite and I adore matcha.

Ever-ready for adventure Cheryl of @trainforlifecheryl , Carleeh and I headed out before we all hoped on the plane home from San Diego.  We all squeezed in a Uber ride to Holy Matcha.

Holy Matcha – A Foodie-Lovers Dream Cafe


Nestled in the North Park area of San Diego, we walked in and just fell in love with the prettiest cafe. Light and airy, the space was filled with tropical pinks and greens. All the little touches and the beautiful color palette was a foodie-lovers dream.

We had heard about their organic, gluten-free matcha donuts. Starving from our last workout, we all opted for a matcha-infused drink, my all-time favorite avocado toast and  a matcha donut to finish us off.


Our food and drinks arrived and boy, we just couldn’t help ourselves. While our stomachs growled, we snapped photo after photo. Who wouldn’t right? The presentation is gorgeous, the colors, the added floral touches and the tastes =  POW!

Then we tucked into the most delicious treats.

Reeling and trying not to go into a food coma, still dressed in fitness clothing meant a walk-about around the neighborhood surrounding Holy Matcha as we waited for our Uber to arrive.

Because well, it’s us, we couldn’t help but snap a zillion more photos outside on the amazing walls. We found this great graffiti wall with several colorful pieces of art, a solid turquoise wall was a great pop of color and finally the fun North Park wall.

Off to the airport for us! Next time you are in San Diego, take yourself on over to Holy Matcha, allow some time for photos around the area.

It’s all charm with a pop of color!

Next week! Women Who Inspire: Portia


  1. That was such a fun afternoon!!!! It was a beautiful sunny day in San Diego & Holy Matcha was so worth the visit!! New experiences spent with friends are some of my favorites & Kathy your blog & beautiful pictures brought me right back to that day. Thank you!

    1. We always have so much fun!

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