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I finally had a chance yesterday to check out the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We had driven by a bunch of times lately on our Seattle Adventure Days. Parking in the area isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination so be prepared. We actually ended up two streets away and hiked our way in.img_7019

Starbucks Reserve Roastery was opened in 2014 to showcase their passion for coffee.


Combining the art and craft of coffee in an immersive and thoughtfully designed environment, this one-of-a-kind space features an impressive mix of bars and custom details.”

Inside you will find a Main Bar, the Scooping Bar, the Mixology Bar, Princi (artisanal pizzas, breads and pastries), the beautiful Roasting Area, the Experience Bar, a Coffee Library, and their version of a gift shop called Handpicked at the Roastery.

Since we only had an hour to spare, we made a beeline for the Main Bar perusing the menu as we waited. Yes, you can get a standard but really? Why? We choose to do the Origin Flight. We received a tray with three pots of the Starbucks Reserve coffees. The Pantheon, the Tanzania and the Congo.

Weaving our way through the Roastery to a newly vacated table, Zach popped over to get us a spot of cream.  Yes, I drink my coffee with cream.  If I was trying new coffee, it would be black to get a good sense of the flavor of that blend and then with cream so I would know how it would be in my morning mug.

Accompanying of tray were six small tasting mugs. Since we are family and aren’t afraid of kooties, we poured each blend into two cups, adding cream to one and passed them around. It really was a great experience. Hey, we have had flights of beer, flights of cider, flights of wine and flights of ice cream, why not a flight of coffee?

Each pot was clearly marked on the lid and had a card with a description of the origin of the blend and what flavors and scents we should anticipate.

Results? Hands down, The Congo, was the winner for all three of us, the Tanzania came in second and finally, the Pantheon. We took home a bag, ground and ready to try this weekend with the hubby.

Note: they recommend taking whole beans if you aren’t going to be using them right away. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, they said you could simply take the bag of beans to your local Starbucks store when you are ready to use them and they will grind them for you! How awesome is that?

I am really looking forward to heading back. I hear the espresso Martini is the bomb and I really want to try the Espresso Flight and a Brew Comparison Flight. Right?

If you are local or visiting Seattle for fun, make sure you pop on over to the Seattle Reserve Roastery for a fantastic coffee experience!

And how cool is it that they are dog lovers like me and provide watering dishes on either side of their front door for our furry friends? I love the little touches like that! We are such a dog friendly city, aren’t we?


As always, the opinions shared here are my own. Complete and utterly me. No company sent me here to try them for free and share my opinion. This is just me, spotting a cool place to try and doing it on my own dime.

Live a Life of Adventures Peeps!

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