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Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love being active.  I am a swim instructor by day and love yoga, running and hiking best on my free time.  I decided at the start of my empty nest journey that I was not going to be determined by my age, 53, as I type this.  Instead I was going to try new things constantly.  I got more into yoga.  I tried and fell in love with running. I finally started hiking the beauty of the PNW.

Last September I attended a Sweat Pink Empower Retreat in Vancouver, BC.  It was amazing.  The energy and vibe of the whole experience had me hooked.  We talked about fitness, we did fitness, we talked about social media.  I joined Sweat Pink and when the information came out about Blogfest I was like….hell to the YES!!!


Two weeks ago I went off to San Diego, California and WOW! We shared some amazing adventures and learned so much.  It was non-stop busy, but a good busy.  Now I am back and I am excited to write again.  I’ve got pep in my step!  Be prepared because I am going to bring Blogfest to you.  I’m breaking it down and by my last post, you will be joining me next year in Anaheim!  Today, we get into the fitness realm of Blogfest!  Be prepared for Instagram handles since, well… duh, it’s about Blogfest!

Wednesday.  Today we had a pre-conference meet-up and run.  Those of us who wanted to run the waterfront in San Diego met @runnylegs and @runningwithsd to do a 5K for Marathon Kids.   I got hugs from my favorite Sweat Pink ladies, @jamiekingfit and @lizwilsonyoga of Flex & Flow and Fit Approach.

I always love a good run with a fantastic view.  Running to show support for an amazing organization…yes!  Learn more….

We help kids unlock their potential and adults discover their inner Coach by joining, starting, or supporting a Marathon Kids running club in their home, school, out-of-school time organization or camp.

Our Marathon Kids work at their own pace to run, or walk, four marathons – 104.8 miles – and we provide the training, rewards, tools and resources to keep them moving. We believe every kid deserves to live a happy, healthy life. – from the Marathon Kids website.

After the run we hopped in an Uber and went out to Soul Cycle in La Jolla for my first ever spin-type class coordinated by my Sweat Pink sisters, @sprinkles_and_sit_ups and @healthycarleeh,  I switched my running shoes for spin shoes and…

OMG! I was a hot sweaty mess at the end of that class for sure!  It took me a bit to get the rhythm and figure out what my knees liked and what they didn’t, but the music rocked and the enthusiasm was infectious!

Thursday.  Bright and early we met the wonderful ladies from Fit Bodies, Inc for a beachy workout with coconuts!  How fun does this look?  Fit Bodies, Inc books their team of fitness professionals into resorts around the globe wanting to enhance their on-site wellness programs with Out of the Gym & Onto the Beach™

Friday.  Good Morning 7am and we were there for Full Frog Body Slam! from Frog Fitness. Check out the photos!  The Frog Fitness trainers took us through a great workout with their full body resistance training machine.  I really loved that they showed us what we were doing first and then assisted us during the workout portion, if we needed it.  Just coming off of a sprained wrist, I made modifications or stepped off the machine if it didn’t work well for me.  Always listen to your body, no matter how excited you are about a new form of fitness.

Later that day we enjoyed a Workout and Rollout by Trigger Point, makers of handheld massagers and foam rollers.  Amazing!  That’s all I need to say.  I need more foam rolling in my life!  I really enjoyed speaking with their Master Trainer about foam rolling for runners.  They also have a great resource section with how-to’s, online courses and educational information on their website to head on over if you want to know more!

Saturday.  What is amazing about Blogfest is that we receive exclusive access to the IDEA World Convention by IDEA Fit, a Health and Fitness Association.  We were able to sign-up for any of the sessions we were interested in during the last two days of the event.  I chose a mix of nutrition, marketing and fitness classes.  A few classes I saw familiar Blogfest peeps in the class, sometimes there wasn’t.   That’s what this was all about.  New people, new experiences. No dull empty nest mom here!

Today I did Zen-Ga: Lower Body Focus led by Merrithew.  I loved this class!  It was a nice easy flow yoga type class that incorporated two sized balls to assist and expand your stretches.  The instructor had a soothing voice, gave excellent cues and modifications.  No judgement here.  They also provided a write-up to take home of the movements we did within the class.  How cool is that!

Today was the last day of the IDEA World Expo so I made sure to take full advantage and hit up the booths of the exhibitors that I most wanted to see…me and 14,000 other people right?  The best part is that by using the IDEA World App, I was able to see who was going to be there, bookmarked who I wanted to see and I made sure to marked off where they all were on the map.  Have I mentioned before that I am a list maker and planner? Yeah.  I’m one of those people.  It’s just that this was my first Blogfest and I didn’t want to miss anyone!!!

Who did I hit up when it came to the fitness part of the expo?

First stop, Indo Board.  They are the makers of the Yoga Board that the studio I attend uses to take our practice to the next level as well as to prepare us for SUP Yoga time.  If you are local to me head to Azul Sup and Yoga for some great seasonal sessions!

The Indo Yoga Board is the original studio-based Yoga Board, designed to take yoga to the next level by taking traditional yoga and moving it onto an unstable environment similar to the increasingly popular practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga or Paddle Board Yoga.  – from the Indo Board website

My next stop I just couldn’t resist. Omni Fight Club!  I jumped in the ring and had a blast getting my boxing on for the day since I was missing classes with Georgina at Azul Sup & Yoga.  I even came back a second time with my fellow Sweat Pink sista’s and they gave it a swing….hahahaha pun intended.  A couple of them had never boxed and are now hooked!

Like who wouldn’t be right?

The day before I had hit up the BOSU peeps.  They make the balance trainers that we use at our facility.  I love trying out their latest equipment.  It also helps that my fellow Sweat Pink co-worker and friend @trainforlife_Cheryl is a wiz on it and can help me through my test run.

Sunday.  My last day of the event I went to my session with FlowLift: Upgrade Your Workout put on by the ladies of Flow Lift Fitness.  We had the option of using small hand and ankles weights to add more power to the moves.  Think yoga, pilates and weightlifting.  We have something similar at our facility called Yoga Fusion.  I will be honest with you, I really liked several of the moves.  I do yoga and I lift. I’m fit.

I also know to stop when I started struggling with some of the more complicated movements.  Having injured my knee previously while exercising, I am hypersensitive to movements involving changing from one pose to another.  I knew when to step out and not perform the more complicated combinations.  The instructors did inform us to go at our own pace, so I did.  This is definitely a class to take slowly and not be afraid not to do something.  It’s all about your own practice and about trying new things.

My Fitness Thoughts….

This is Blogfest and IDEA World.  You will be doing fitness related stuff.  You know that going in and I love that aspect of attending an event like this.  The ladies of Fit Approach really did an amazing job of balancing what the event was all about.  This is an inclusive group of women and a few men.  We all don’t look alike and we are all at different stages in our fitness journey.  We are all welcome here.  Does all this fitness have you intimidated? Don’t be!  I attended everything and if I needed to stop or step out, that was ok.  I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is with this group.  I know I have made life-long friends and fellow enthusiasts that will cheer me on.  How can you not love an experience and group that symbolizes that?


Coming Up Next: Blogfest….Food!

The opinions about this event and all products and classes are my own.  Fit Bodies, Inc., Frog Fitness, and Triggerpoint were sponsors of Blogfest and for that I thank you!  If I missed you at the Expo…I’ll catch you next year!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I need to learn more about foam rollers. Seems like they would be amazing for neck & shoulder muscles.

    1. Click on the link for Trigger Point, they have great info! I also use the Gixo Fit app and they have foam rolling classes!

  2. Good for you *fist pump! I’ve been trying to get healthier and it better shape too. Now you’ve inspired me!

    1. That’s awesome! Keep me updated !

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