Getting Out of My Funk

So I am going to be perfectly honest here.  I have been in a total funk lately.  I don’t have this happen all that often, very rarely in fact. For the past few months, between work, the holidays, the realization that our twins are graduating from college in May and life I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything.  Yes, I’ve been posting on IG.  I’ve gone on adventure days and I am still doing stuff, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wasn’t blogging, blogging, just Instagraming.  You know what I mean, right?   I gave people and situations in my life the power to totally affect my outlook and my energy.

Not any more!

I think the first thing I needed to do was to admit to myself that I was in a funk, even a little depressed.  That takes a lot for me to do.  I am usually a very inward person.  When I get angry, I avoid people and clean or organize.  While most people think that is totally awesome and would love me to come over and get out my angst on their house, but that really doesn’t solve the problem.  I avoid conflict and dealing with it.  I decided I needed to start taking the steps to get out of this funk. I am being pro-active and not re-active.  So what am I doing?

Setting My Intention

Yes, this is a yoga thing.  However, it is more than that.  In December, my yoga instructor and friend, Georgina Shaffer of Azul Sup & Yoga, had a girls night at her home and the theme was Gratitude.  We all enjoyed a martini and treats and then gathered in a circle and rather than bringing gifts to exchange, we exchanged gratitudes.  We shared with others in the circle, something or someone we were grateful for in our lives and why.  This was such a positive experience.  There was laughter, there was tears and there was light.  It reminded me to actually tell people positives more often.  I now let them know how much they mean to me and thank them for being in my life.

During the night we all also had a chance to set an intention for our year.  Not just for the night or for the moment, but the entire year.  We all wrote our word on a chalk board and had our picture taken.  Georgina asked us all to keep the photo in our Favorites on our phones for when we needed the reminder of that night and what we tasked ourselves with for the next year.

This is where the realization came to me that I was in a funk.  There with my tribe I felt free to admit that I had given up my power to life’s situations.  I’m letting you know, I’m taking back that power peeps!  I’m not perfect.  It may be two steps forward and a half step back, but I will get there!

During the next two weeks I decided that I also needed to actively get myself out of my fitness funk as well.  Are you in a fitness funk? Like, I work at a gym and still got into a funk.  Anyone can!  I also know that I need goals and accountability to get myself back into a routine.  The first thing I did was to enroll in classes with Georgina in her home studio.  I paid for two days a week for six weeks starting the first week of January.  Between paying for it and having an instructor like Georgina, I knew that I would make sure I made class.

TRUE: Yoga with Adrienne

Next, I agreed to participate in Yoga with Adriene’s TRUE: a 30-day Yoga Journey with a few friends.  It started January 1.  Perfect!

As you know, I love yoga.  I am not a yoga instructor so that means I either go to a class or do in-home yoga.  I’ve always loved Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube flows.  When I saw she was starting a 30-day journey, I just knew.  I am loving it!  Each morning I receive an email with a link to the flow on YouTube.  Adriene also includes some very positive inspirational words.  Keeping it positive peeps is so important.  There is also an online support group and several close friends and I also Facebook Message each other to keep it up.  You can follow and watch Yoga with Adriene here.

Are you with me so far?

Squats, Sit-Ups and More

After the first week back in, I was feeling better.  I now wanted to up my game.  I needed to start working on getting the tone back in after slacking off for two months.  Several years ago, the gym I worked at handed out a two-week challenge. Squats, sit-ups, push-ups and planks.  Each day getting progressively more.  I had kept the cheat-sheet and pulled it out, stuck it next to the TV and started my second week of January by adding this to my daily routine.  I’ve done my set in the morning, the middle of the day, while dinner was cooking, while doing laundry.  The point is, I’ve done it. Each day, every day.  I can tell the difference after the first week.  Those crunches in class are easier and I can hold that plank so much longer than before.

I’m getting my mojo back baby!!!

My Gixo App Rocks!

You are probably thinking, what now? Seriously?  Something else new? Well, not really.  I’ve had the Gixo app on my phone since September’s Fit Approach Empower retreat and I’ve used it from time to time. How did I fall off the wagon only a few months later? Well, life happens people.

For week three I started using my Gixo app again.  It has been amazing! I use it to get fit and connect with others.  Once you sign in you’ll have a listing of classes to choose from each day.  Classes range from 15-40 minutes.  Totally doable, right?  You can find 15 minutes here and there right?

You’ll see core, cardio, walks, runs, booty work, circuit and so much more.  You don’t need equipment.  You can do many classes indoors and others work better outside.  When you scroll through the list of classes on any given day, you can see who is teaching the class and click to learn more (a class description, location recommendation, level and intensity), see others who have already signed up and well…join in!

What does a class look like?  You are doing this class in your chosen space with a LIVE coach who is with you every step of the way, encouraging and motivating you.  You may have short videos pop-up showing you how to do an upcoming exercise. If you are running you’ll have On Goal or Not on Goalat the top of your screen.

My favorite part is that you are also connected with the others taking the class. I took a class recently where the coach was in England, I was in Washington and the others taking class with me were in California, Texas and New England!  How cool is that?

During class you can message questions or comments to the coach or another participant.  Coordinate a class with a bunch of friends where you all meet up, do the class together or all be at home.  Hanging with your peeps, right? My favorite part…photos! Yes! You can take photos and share them with the class Totally awesome!

At the end, you’ll receive a rundown of what you did, stats and all.  Scroll through #gixofit and you’ll see what we are all up these days.

Are you still looking for your tribe?  Join Gixo and make it a global tribe! It’s a great community and we have plenty of room for you!  Yes, you can belong to a gym (or work at one) and still not get your workout in.  Do you travel for your job, hello?!? What better way to connect with others and get a workout in for the day.

You can also check out Fit Approach! These ladies are all about community, fitness, body positivity and connecting with your ‘sweaty tribe’.  Attending the retreat was so completely empowering. These ladies are all encouraging and supportive so it’s no wonder that when they, in conjunction with the people at Gixo, started their new challenge and named it #IamLimitless.

How cool is that?  That is what I am all about and why I started blogging.  I do this to not only help moms along the way while raising their kids, but to show moms like me, empty-nesters, that life doesn’t stop when the kids all leave the house.  This was the final kick in the butt that I needed.  I needed to remember why I started this blog to begin with. Fit Approach couldn’t have picked a more perfect phrase or time to use it. Say it after me…..I AM LIMITLESS!!!! 

Thank you Jamie King, Nic Randall and all the other Fit Approach and Sweat Pink ladies! You rock! @fitapproach @flexandflow @sweatpink #IAmLimitless #sweatpink #gixofit @gixofit

The last thing I’m going to say is this….this is my journey.  Take one thing and do it.  Do it all.  Don’t do any of it.  It doesn’t change my life or what I’m doing to change this funkiness that I let creep into it.

That’s all folks….I look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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  1. this my friend is pure Kathy Gold!!! I adore your honest and the way you always turn things to positives when they don’t turn out as expected.

    I have been in a funk too, a introvert one. super rare for me, but people are catty and rude right now. I am so sick of comparison I could scream.
    I find I go inward when people express negativity or disappointment in me or make me feel bad about myself. I tend to start distancing or cut off completely. I just got to the point where if people don’t like me or bring their comparison to me, I just release the feelings I had for them, but harbor a hurt inside to want to change or people please. Truth is I am not in a place where I want to compete with anyone, and it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth when I cross people who do. Like a hardened heart in a way, I hate that part. I want to just say goodbye without feeling bad about myself or seeing them as a “bad” person because they made me feel bad.

    I love that you never belittle me as a person, my talent, parenting, messy marriage, or beliefs. You are an amazing friend and believe me when I say even when you are struggling (i noticed) you still shine so bright. Your smile just makes people’s day’s. I know because I have had plenty BAAAD ones lately and whenever I see you I feel no judgement, but just kindness and love. You are a special women Kathy. I love being near your gentle and big heart.

    1. OMG! Your words mean the world to me! In today’s environment of negativity and comparison shopping (friends, not stuff) I love that you keep it organic. I can’t wait to see how the fudge is was!

  2. What an uplifting post! You really shared a lot, and I’m appreciative for your thoughts and information.:) It looks like you’ve really got a handle on trying to get out of that funk — it’s tough stuff, that’s for sure. YOU GOT THIS, LADY!

    1. Support and encouragement ! Love it!

  3. Empowering post – thank you!

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