Terracotta Warriors…Amazing!

The city of Seattle always has so many fun things going on, especially during the summer.  A couple weeks ago I attended the Natsu Matsuri 2017 at Uwajimaya Seattle. There was a fantastic parade, performers and food booths.


While at the event, the Pacific Science Center had a booth showcasing the current exhibit, Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor, complete with an actor dressed up as a warrior.  It was super fun to take a picture and post it on Instagram in the hopes of winning two free tickets to the exhibit.  A few days later I was surprised with an email letting me know that I had won!  Awesomeness!  Our sons would be home and we were already planning a day in the city, so we added the exhibit to our to-do list for the day!


We arrived at the Pacific Science Center and purchased an additional ticket and got our times.  We were going mid-week so we were able to get right in to the next viewing queue.  I highly recommend getting your tickets ahead of time for any of the special exhibits at the PacSci.  Waiting until you get to the gate can mean a long wait time before you get in to the see the exhibit, especially on the weekend.

What we love about exhibits at the Pacific Science Center is that the exhibits are well thought out and placed.  The 10 larger pieces were set far enough apart, with diagrams highlighting what they wanted you to make sure to see.  Informational banners about the Qin Dynasty, the creation of the warriors and many artifacts are intersperced between them.

We did not feel like we were squished in and afraid we’d bump into people if we moved the slightest inch.  We were not rushed.  We were able to take photos, discuss what we were viewing and absorb everthing.

I won’t share all my photos, because you have to go to this exhibit. Here is how the PacSci describes it:

“World Premiere at Pacific Science Center, April 8-September 4, 2017 Featuring Real Figures From the Terracotta Army and Artifacts from the First Imperial Dynasty of China.

Embark on an experience 2,200 years in the making to discover the scientific story of the terracotta warriors and the untouched tomb of the first Emperor.

Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor is an immersive investigation of the science behind priceless artifacts including real figures from the terracotta army and over 100 artifacts illustrating the technological advancements of the Qin Dynasty. Unearth one of the most epic discoveries of our time and explore the mysteries buried within the untouched tomb of the First Emperor in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. Complete your experience with the IMAX documentary, Mysteries of China.

This never-before-seen exhibition is a partnership between Pacific Science Center and The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and will have a limited two city tour, with the World Premiere in Seattle.”

It is simply amazing!  The detail of the warriors, the history of the Qin Dynasty, viewing the artifacts and thinking of what it took to make an army of over 8,000 was awe inspiring.  You have got to go!  Discovered in 1974 by accident, only 2,000 of the over 8,000 pieces have been uncovered.  Photos can’t even capture the amount of detailed workmanship that went into all of the pieces on display.  You will learn about this time in history and what the First Emperor was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  You don’t want to miss out.  We are only one of two places this exhibit is stopping.

What about kids?  I brought mine. Ok, I admit mine are 21 so they really enjoyed the exhibit.  Definitely do-able for kids 8 and above.  Within the exhibit there are several hands-on things for kids to do.  Depending on your little’s, maybe switch off and see the exhibit while your spouse or a friend watches the kids at the Pacific Science Center and then switch back.  Our kids started going to art and science museums at the age of 4.  It’s never too early to expose your kids to the world around them.

Make a Day of It!

We did.  After the exhibit, walked the city.  We love to wander and find new places. Embracing the people, cultures and foods around us is definitely not something to skip in Seattle.  We caught lunch at Belltown Pizza.  Seriously, how yummy does this pizza look? The boys and I ordered different pizzas and then shared.  We are a foodie family for sure!  Yes, Belltown Pizza has other things on the menu. Check out their menu or simply stop by.  We’d never been.  I’d go back!

Since we were in Belltown and had to make our way back to the car at the Seattle Center, we decided to stop in and pick up some macarons from Lady Yum‘s newest store in Seattle.  Lady Yum macarons come highly recommended by fellow Seattle foodie, @SeattleOnTheRun, so I had to get a 15-pack to take home.  They did not disappoint.

Our last stop of the day was Uwajimaya, Seattle’s largest Asian grocery. If you have never been this is a must stop.  Uwajimaya has been serving the PNW since 1928 and has a fantastic produce, meat, seafood and grocery selection along with Asian gifts and homegoods.  We often lose our sons to the bookstore located to the northwest corner of the store.  Make sure to given yourself ample time to browse the aisles.  There is an entire one just for tea!  I find new things to try every time I go in there!

I hope you have enjoyed a Rodriguez Adventure Day with me.  Life is too short not to add a little fun and adventure to it.  Explore the cities around you.  Expose your kids to different people, cultures and foods.  Find out what is out there.

Keep in touch with me by following me on Instagram and Facebook.  I’d love your comments on the exhibit if you go and on other cool places to explore.  See you soon! You never know where I will be next!

Adventure days are the coolest!



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