Finding My New Look

My life is changing.  Michael and I are stepping out more.  I am off on exciting new adventures as a blogger. It is time for a new look.  No, I’m not getting rid of the old look.  I will still have lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram with me in yoga poses and casual adventures in my LuLaRoe leggings and Converse.  I am talking about a long overdue look at my closet and clothes.  Figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t.

Kathy is not a fashionista.  Don’t take that as a good thing or a bad thing.  It is just who I am.  I don’t live in a big city.  I don’t have a high profile job in corporate America.  Been there. Done that. Then I became a mom.  If I traveled, it was to theme parks.  If I had a meeting to attend, it was a coffee clutch with other moms.  If we went out to dinner, it was Olive Garden or a local diner. That was my life and I loved it.  I am so thankful that I was able to stay home with our boys.  I know what a blessing that was for me.

I was no longer business suits and corporate separates.  No more Ann Taylor, Evan Picone and other designers.  I was Wal-Mart tank tops, Target and Kohl’s.  The occasional visit to Nordstrom Rack, the Outlet Mall and Macy’s happened every now and then.  I had boys, they came first.   Once I started working at an athletic club and working out,  athletic clothing became my staple.  My go-to.  Then our sons went to college.

This is the next me. I don’t want to say the new me, it was just time for a refresher course.  Think, “What Not to Wear”, Seattle style.  After my visit to Divalani, I received an amazing offer from Tannya Bernadette, the stylist who helped me.  If you didn’t read all about my visit to Divalani, scroll back to my last post.  We set-up a time to meet for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.  Tannya would look at what I have and make a list of missing pieces for me.

Tannya is a personal shopper and stylist.  She came to my home, all the way to Arlington, to go through my clothing.  It was 30 minutes of amazingness!


Let me tell you, it was a little nerve-wracking to think someone was going to come into my home, into my closet and tell me what she thought!  I will also tell you that this visit was so perfectly timed.  I knew I needed someone else’s guidance.  Did I mention I’m not a fashionista?  I knew that I hadn’t taken the time to watch fashion, trends and what was out there.

I was intimidated by the process of looking for clothes.  Yes, I am active and fit.  That does not mean that I knew what would look good together.  What would look good on me.  What would help me feel better when attending events in Seattle.

Let’s be real people.  I am 52.  I’m not 20-something or 30-something.  I’m also not a grandmother yet.  I am in the middle.  I’m at the next phase.  Trying to figure out outfits that aren’t too young and aren’t too old and that are me was driving me a little insane.

Yes, we are all beautiful women.  We are strong women.  We are capable women.  That does not mean we do not need help with something every now and again.  This was my moment of HELP!  I am so lucky that Tannya happened into my life.

What was it like?  As I mentioned, Tannya arrived and I immediately took her to my closet. She began by sorting my clothes.  We talked while she worked.  I told her what I did for a living, now and in the past.  I shared with her what I needed help figuring out and what I was doing in my life.  She kept sorting.  Shirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes.  She went through it all except my athletic clothes, socks and unmentionables.


Then it was time for the verdict.  Out of my closet things came.  Clothing was discussed.  Clothing was tried on.  Clothing went back in the closet.  Clothing went into the donate pile.  That pile got larger.  We added some shoes.

Was it scary?  Was I so bad at buying clothing for myself?  No.  As Tannya went through the clothes, she shared with me the “why” on the pieces that needed to go.  This was what I was looking for!  I loved having someone honestly tell me what was good and what was not.  Some pieces did not fit.  The color wasn’t right.  It was too trendy.  It was dated.  My body changed since I bought it or well, let’s be honest it just wasn’t me anymore.


Did we toss everything? No, I am not that bad.  It’s just that she sorted my clothes by area in my life.  I now have casual, super casual and then go-to for those evenings and events. Tannya started a file with my sizes.  She now knows what I have and what I need.  She knows what my budget is right now.  At this stage it is a flexible budget based on kids off at college.

From my previous life, I know that good pieces will be more expensive.  I also know that I would rather have several good pieces when I add to my wardrobe, than 25 pieces that I do not wear or look “just ok”.

Yes, there is still Target and Kohl’s clothing in my closet.  I am going to take Tannya’s advice.  She has a fantastic eye, goes into more shops than I do and knows my body and style.

Hire a personal shopper and stylist.  If you are like me, not a fashion follower, it is worth taking the time to have someone who knows what they are doing to look through your clothing.  You have to be open to listening to their suggestions.  I never felt like I or my clothing choices was being judged.   We talked and we discussed every piece that left my home.  Someone else will love it. Someone else will feel beautiful in it.  It just won’t be me and I am totally ok with that.

The final report. This evening Tannya sent me an email with my Closet Cleanse Evaluation.   The report included my closet evaluation, the solution, a list a missing pieces to pick up and some honest speak about finding those pieces. Last was the option to hire Tannya to go shopping with me.  She will help introduce me to new styles, brands and colors that suit me, Kathy.

Are you ready to make a change?  I was!  I’m going to have so much fun with this new look. Look for an upcoming blog about shopping with Tannya, because I’m all about new experiences and this will be huge for me!

A special thanks to Tannya Bernadette, Personal Shopper + Stylist

Find out more about Tannya on her blog: and her website:

Want to work with Tannya Bernadette? Use the code EMPTYNEST50 to schedule a 30-minute In-Home Complimentary Consultation + $50 off Your First Style Session


  1. As you can tell from my FB post, skirts I bought between ages 16-24, I am in the process of doing the same. The custom made kilts were made for me 50- 42 years ago, in Scotland and/or Fletcher Jones Australia. What to do with them? To a used kilt site, sewer to reuse the wool.

    Most of my clothes are over ten years old.

    1. We kept some sentimental pieces as long as they fit. Reuse or share the love!

  2. Kathy, what a fun read.
    I miss you!!!

  3. i need this in my life!

    1. You’ve got to do it!

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